A Week’s Worth of Mantles? {one day at a time…}{41}

Well.  Did I say (in my last post) that making that little vignette with the pumpkins and the watering can had gotten me into the swing of things as far as decorating for Fall?  Turns out that was really an understatement.  I have been on a cleaning and decorating tear for the last three days.  And BOY! does it feel good?!?

Funny how I had not done much of either for quite some time and once I started doing one. . . the other just seemed to follow right along behind.  I realized today that I have just about a week’s worth of mantles  (or very mantle-like places) in my house.  If I got really motivated I could share a mantel a day for a whole week!!

But you might get bored.

For now I’ll just show you some of the work I did on my bedroom mantel.  It’s one of the two real mantels in the house.  Real meaning, a shelf underneath which you could actually build a fire.  I honestly sometimes forget that we even have a fireplace in our bedroom.  We have lived here for more than 14 years and we have never had a fire in it.  Our room is a fairly decent size but is rather awkwardly situated – lots of doors and windows – and a fireplace – it doesn’t leave many options for placing the furniture.  I have to tell you though, it gives me a little thrill to think that, when my house was built, that fire would have been kept going most of the night – for heat!  Oooo!  I get a shiver! Not from the idea of the cold – it’s the thought of all those people who’ve slept in my room for the last 160+ years.

Maybe it’s because I’m researching Halloween Crafts for my kids tonight.  Maybe I should just show you the mantle?

country Fall mantle

first time my bedroom has ever been seen in public. eek!

Let me ask you a question.  When you work on something like this, do you go into it with a plan?  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  Yesterday, I decorated the top of the piano and I had a sketch that I made – weeks ago – to work from.  When I did this mantle? I just cleared everything off that was on there . . . washed it down, and started sticking new things up there.  Both of the spots that I fancied up yesterday are pretty, uh, what’s the word?  Full?  Lush? Layered?  They have lots of stuff on them.  How’s that?  I was trying to be a little more subtle here – I ran up and down the stairs about 20 times, grabbing things from around the house that I thought would work.  Decorating as exercise!!  But as you can see, there was some evolution to the project.

country Fall mantle

country Fall mantle

I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  I think it’s pretty special that we actually have a fire place in our room – and even if we are not going to light a fire in there, I think I can still make it a focus of the room.

country Fall mantle

What do you think about that wall color?  It sure is Autumnal.  I really liked it when I picked it.  Not so much anymore.  I think it’s called Bungalow Gold.

It continues to evolve.

country Fall mantle

needs something to balance out the bottom. . .

country Fall mantle

ta dah!! much better!

country Fall mantle

country Fall mantle

country Fall mantle

two points awarded to anyone who can recognize that clay tag!

and then, at some point, I thought I was finished.

It’s still pretty minimalistic right?  Hmmmm. . . . looks a little bare to me.  Maybe just a little something more?  That’s the kind of mood I was in today.  Besides decorating I took a big whack at cleaning up construction filth.  Seems that the chaos of the construction in the house had gotten the best of me.  We are slowly but surely coming to the end of the project – I’m told we will have running water in the upstairs bathroom tomorrow night!  Most of what is left cluttering up the dining room and the upstairs hallway – is the supplies and fixtures for the plumber.  If all goes well tomorrow, that should all be gone!!  OH! Keep your fingers crossed!!

One last picture.  I took this one much later in the day.  See?   I just couldn’t leave it alone!  I have a few of these amazing window screen frames up in the attic.  They’re the originals from this house (i think).  I’m not sure this one will stay here – but you’ll probably see it again – on one of the other mantles!

country Fall mantle

See,  I told you in my last post that if you were to come back you would likely see some more Fall loveliness!  Was I right?  Is it lovely?


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