Lucketts Spring Market

Pure Prepared Mustard (Seed)

Pure Prepared Mustard (Seed) {42}

So many of you have come over from Miss Mustard Seed in the last few days.  Literally hundreds of you have made the choice to click through from Marian’s site to mine and I’m so glad to “meet” all of you.  Going on this trip and meeting Marian is not the kind of thing I(…)

The View From Over Here

The View From Over Here {27}

Yesterday, my birthday, I spent nearly the entire day in the car.  Driving.  Alone.  I think you all know, at this point what my destination was.  Quite a bit of planning went into making this trip happen.  It’s not very often that this mom of two hits the road and leaves her family to fend(…)

It’s My Birthday, I’m Bringing You a Present From Lucketts!

It’s My Birthday, I’m Bringing You a Present From Lucketts! {12}

So yesterday I drove from New York to Virginia.  It was a long drive.  I wish that I could say that it was a pretty drive. . . but it really wasn’t.  Before I leave I’m going to check and see if there is a scenic route to take on my return.  It seemed like(…)

Countdown to Lucketts!

Countdown to Lucketts! {16}

This week is full of the usual things – taking the kids to and from school, making dinners, supervising piano practice and taking emergency trips to the orthodontist.  This week is also full of some more unusual things.  FIL is having knee surgery as I type  (good luck Papa!), getting new tires put on my car,(…)

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