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I have a favorite number.

If there were going to be a pop quiz about how well you know me?  That would definitely be one of the questions.

What is Breida’s favorite number?
(don’t worry, it’s not really a quiz)


I also LOVE vintage locker baskets.  (that would also be on the quiz) LOVE THEM.  This whole “vintage industrial” trend that seems to be going on right now, is really right up my alley.  As you know, I have a soft place for anything that I find both useful and beautiful and so much of this industrial “junk” appeals to my aesthetic taste and a lot of it can be put to good use as well.  Locker baskets are a perfect example.  They are, however, just a little too pricey for me. . .

I was just telling Mr. Social Media the other day that I am on the hunt for locker baskets – but not just any hunt.  They are not at all hard to find – there are tons of them on eBay.  But they’re too expensive. . . for me.  Generally they are around $25.  That’s retail.  If you see one online or at an antique store/flea market you can be sure that the person selling them paid far less than that.  SO.  I’m holding out for a wholesale price.  I’d love to buy about 30 of them – but not at $25 each!!
So – I am just being patient. . .

There is one exception though…  You know those locker baskets have numbers on them, right?  Well.  If I were to come across one that had the number 518 on it??  There is no telling what would happen. . .

In the meantime, I was just thrilled when I opened my latest issue of Cottages and Bungalows Magazine and saw an article about how to DIY wire baskets!  Amy from has put together a great tutorial – very easy to follow.  This is one of those projects that I absolutely LOVE.  Easy, tools I already own, low cost, and very forgiving.  I actually made a couple of mistakes on my first try (okay – I messed up on the second one, too) and the final product was still totally acceptable!

Here are some photos of how they came out – tell me what you think!

DIY wire basket

yep. there's my favorite number. right there on the front.

I’ll show you a little bit of how it came together.  If you’d like to make one of your own you can see the full tutorial in the April issue of Cottages and Bungalows magazine.

DIY wire basket

it took a little figuring and a little drawing and some counting. . .

Like I said, I had all of the tools I needed.  Wire cutters and needle nose pliers.  I bought “hardware cloth” in the garden section at Lowes.  It was suggested to use a metal ruler to help in making the bends in the wire but my big wooden yardstick worked just fine.  The little “fringe-like” marks on the edges of my drawing were my idea also.  The cutting out gets a little complicated and I found it helpful to have the sides for which the long pieces should be left on (they are used to secure one piece to the next), marked out in advance.

DIY wire basket

this is how the top edge is finished. the entire top edge should have the "long pieces" left on

DIY wire basket

can you see how the long pieces are wrapped around? it's pretty easy and there are no sharp points sticking out.

 A couple more pretty pictures – staged with some faux apples I have. . . there are tooth marks in one of my faux apples.  How did that happen??

DIY wire basket

the tooth marks are not showing here. . .

DIY wire basket

So, you know that I like to make things that are actually useful and not just potentially useful.  The pretend apples look pretty in the basket but I needed to find a spot where it could do a real job.

By the way, I picked up these metal stencils at an antique center for $1 each, a few months ago.  I used hot glue to attach them – it’s only semi permanent.

How about this?

DIY wire basket

some people vitamins and the dog's medicine - that need to be kept out where we see them every morning and evening. . .

DIY wire basket

this is where the bottles have been sitting - irritating me. they look much tidier in the new 518 basket!

 If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you can see my 518 photo series.

 Do you have a favorite number?  Why is it your favorite?  Can you guess why this is mine??

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