FOLK Magazine Subscription Giveaway and Review{5}

Have you seen this magazine?

FOLK Magazine


I subscribe to several different magazines right now.  And I love all of them.

FOLK giveaway

But, even though I love them, the sad truth is that I don’t actually read them.  For the most part, I feel lucky if I make the time to page through and look at all of the pretty pictures.

All of these magazines are full of beautiful photos – and I think they know that many of us aren’t really in it for the articles. . .

FOLK giveaway

When my Christmas FOLK arrived in my mail box ( I knew that I would be writing this review) I anticipated having to schedule in some time to sit down and read it.  I couldn’t exactly tell you about a magazine if I’d only looked at the pictures, right?  So I unwrapped the magazine when it got here and  I was immediately hooked.  I sat down at once and read every single word.

What’s inside of FOLK?

If you are already a fan of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, you will be as thrilled as I was to see them there on the front cover of FOLK’s Christmas Issue.  If you haven’t heard their fabulous story yet, it’s all there in black and white.  I have a soft place in my heart for these guys for a couple of different reasons and I am loudly cheering them on as they race around the world on CBS’s The Amazing Race.  (at the time that I’m writing this the Race is not over – fingers crossed!!)  One of the reasons that I take a personal interest in these guys is that they have a farm in Sharon Springs, New York – just about an hour from where I grew up.  As they have created their Lifestyle Brand, they have also revitalized an entire town.  They are truly living the FOLK life – Real.  Authentic.  American.  Learn more about them at their blog, Beekman 1802.

As soon as you pick up a copy of FOLK, you’ll feel that the focus is on the modern American story.  The Beekman Boys sell handmade (in America) items in their shops, both online and in Sharon Springs.  Those items along with more from several other retailers, are featured in the magazine.  Christmas is the time for giving and there are tons of great hand crafted, American made, options on display in these pages.

Folk Magazine

As you can see, FOLK strives to point up the spirit of the American entrepreneur and they have a beautiful example in Jen O’Connor of Earth Angel Studio.  Oddly, her studio in Warwick, New York, is less than and hour from my current hometown!  I hadn’t heard of her before, but I’m inspired to go and see what she has to offer.  From FOLK:   “Jen O’Connor runs the powerhouse of talent known as Earth Angels Studios from her home and Secret Lab in Warwick, NY.  She’s a working mom who’s created a handmade life by celebrating and sharing her personal style and treasuring the beauty of every day.”

Well.  She might be my new hero. ( Heroine? )

Now, I know that blogs are often like the magazines on my coffee table.  Skimmed through for the pretty pictures and not so very closely read?  So before I run out of time here – I want to mention a new recurring feature that begins with this Christmas Issue.  For all of the bloggers out there (and I know a lot of you ARE bloggers) FOLK has partnered with  Going forward, the editors at FOLK, along with Hometalk, will choose two Hometalk users to feature in each issue of the magazine!  This is a really exciting chance for those of us who dream of magazine features.  Is this one of your aspirations?  It is one of mine!

In every issue is FOLK you’ll find food, fashion, decor and lifestyle.  In this issue, you get all of those things with a heavy dose of CHRISTMAS!

Here is a little of the Spirit of the Season to be found in this issue. . .



FOLK is a new magazine.  There are not many issues yet.  It is growing, developing and improving with each new publication.  I think it’s a little bit different than what you’ve come to expect from a magazine.  It’s a little more personal.  Yes, I think personal is the right word.  Personal, friendly, real.  Grab a cup of something and sit down for a minute or five.  Even if you only have time to look at the pictures, you won’t be disappointed.


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Here is the photo you’ll find on the cover of the new Winter Issue of FOLK!!
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