Heaps of Change! {getting my heaps in order – week 1}{26}

HEAPS OF CHANGE GRAPHIC Sometime before Christmas, I seem to remember Donna (from Funky Junk Interiors) saying something about doing some organizing (or something) after the Holidays… There was maybe like, a challenge involved and I thought I might be motivated to join in and finally get some of my “problem areas” cleaned up…
Then I saw that she’d gone off to Disney Land and I figured I was off the hook.


Well…No Such luck!

(and WE are all challenging YOU!!)

Over the next few weeks, the coaches you see below will be bringing you several organizational (and inspirational !!) projects – real spaces in our real homes that need tackling – and asking YOU to join in and make Heaps of Change right along with us!

Group Photo

You know, I’m pretty sure that when Donna first mentioned this challenge she called it “heaps of SHAME”, but I guess that sounds kind of mean… There is really no reason to be ashamed of those areas of your house that you are too embarrassed to even admit the existence of!  You know they are there.  It’s unavoidable.  Every single one of the five bloggers above is ready to:

1. show you a crazy heap of chaos in their home –
2. show you how we managed to beat it into submission
3. challenge YOU to do the same

Would you like to see the first project area at MY house that I’ve decided to tackle??
(oh, man.  can’t believe I’m going to publish these photos!)

Before final

So.  This is one half of my pantry.  This is the side that holds a lot of stuff that is NOT food.  Please don’t look too closely!  If you were looking too closely – you might think that you were seeing some ant bait in there next to my canned goods.  Or maybe you might think that you saw some two part wood epoxy.  Or you might even think that you saw a curling iron on the bottom shelf alongside of the peanut butter…

Bonus points if you can find light bulbs, mouse traps, extension cords, sunscreen, bocce balls, and Goo Gone!

Don’t be ridiculous.
Who would have those things in their pantry???

And, I know that this really isn’t even THAT messy – but it’s pretty darn disorganized.  There are so many things in there that just don’t belong – and they’re taking up room that could be used by things that would totally make sense in there!  What a mish mash!!

It might look a little overwhelming – but this kind of project is really not that bad.  I started by taking everything out of the shelves and wiping them down.  I cut new pieces of my favorite shelf paper (regular old brown kraft paper) and I even made some cool labels for the items that would be going in there… I wrote with my Chalk Ink Markers – right on the paper!

Labels final

And then I loaded in all of the items that I really wanted in there.  Things that I actually use – and that had been stored in several different weird and hard to access places around the kitchen.

And here’s the result!

After final

Since this is just one of three major organizational projects that I’m working on and the others are still in progress, I thought I might get away with just showing you this close up picture and I wouldn’t have to reveal that the rest of the kitchen is still a mess… But the thing about doing this kind of project is that it feels SO GOOD to have things organized that you just can’t help but to continue once you get on a roll.  I got this part of the pantry shelves looking great and I just kept right on going!

I did the other side of the pantry – where I keep the actual food…

After food side final

Then I decided to clean up the open shelves underneath on both sides…

rolling pins final

After 2 final

And I just kept going! I even cleaned the floor!  Let’s take a step back and have a look…

beauty FINAL

Don’t step too FAR back though – Trust me -There is still a HUGE mess to deal with – not too far!

mess final

TOLD you!!
Bah – that’s just a messy counter!  Wait till I show you my project for NEXT week – believe me – it’s WAY worse than my pantry!

Let’s go and visit the other coaches in the Heaps Of Change Challenge – I can’t wait to see what they’ve accomplished!

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors – Painting Station!

Donna's paint station

Marianne from Songbird – Attic Storage!

Songbird's Attic

Becky from Beyond the Picket Fence – Creative Storage Upcycle!

Becky's Guestroom

Angie from Knick of Time – Vintage Printable Labels for Organizing!

Angie's Jars

And NOW it’s YOUR turn!  We want you all to link up here  –  It’s a joint link party – Your link will appear on all of our blogs.  Link up below – anytime you want with YOUR Heap of Change.

(serious – clean out your silverware drawer and link it on up!)

I will be featuring my favorite link on next week’s installment of the

Heap of Change Challenge!

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