Hello, Everyone!!  I get the feeling that there might be a lot of newcomers showing up to say howdy over the weekend and so I just wanted to let you know that I’m awfully happy to have you.  For those of you who have already been around for a while, I hope you know that I am most thankful to you for reading each post.

I learned a lot on my recent trip to the Haven Conference.  The things that I learned had more to do with the way I think and feel about this blog than the actual content of the sessions that were offered.  For example, I realized that my favorite part about blogging and being a blogger is not the actual blogging itself.  That part, the editing of the photos and the actual work I have to do on the computer, that part?  That is not my favorite.  All of the most successful bloggers that I know always say that if you are not passionate about blogging, that you will burn out in a very short time.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that advice.  It has always worried me because, I’ll be honest, I find sitting in front of the computer, “blogging”, pretty tedious.

So.  The big thing that I learned?  The parts that I find to be a bit tedious? They’re just the hard work that I need to do in order to get to my favorite part – and that is the interactions that I get to have with all of you.  I’m serious.  I’m not just saying that.  It makes my day!  I absolutely love reading all of your comments on my blog posts.   I love posting all kinds of silliness on Facebook and hearing everyone chime in with their own silliness (it’s also a good place to see sneak peeks of my latest projects).  I’m not that big on Twitter. . . I just don’t get it, but I LOVE Instagram!  And I love Pinterest, too!

If you’ve never been here before today, you’re likely visiting me via Miss Mustard Seed‘s site.  I don’t need to tell you what an inspiration Marian is – to so many of us.  I know you feel the same way about her as I do.  I am (we are all) lucky to know her.  Can someone be your mentor if they are younger than you?  (only a little tiny bit)  Can someone be your mentor if they don’t even know that they are?

Okay – this was meant to be short!  WELCOME to everyone who is reading  – old and new – thank you so much for being here and brightening up my day!  Here are the ways that you can follow along with what I’m up to.  There are “buttons” for these things in various places on the blog – but I’ll plunk them down for you right here.  Just click the links and you’ll go to just the right place to sign u to follow along!


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