In the Light of Day {everything looks better}{34}

Vintage Schoolhouse Hooks

(to make up for our lack of closets)

Do you think I’ve gotten the whole house put back together?  You saw the Before and After shots of the dining room a couple of days ago and so far, that is my biggest victory.  I know, it seems to be taking forever.  Trust me, I know.  I’m getting there – but it’s taking a while!  I could just run around and put everything back exactly where it was but, like I told you, I’m trying to pare down and sort things out.  Each and every thing I pick up has a whole decision making process that goes along with it.  Apparently, it’s a loooong decision making process.

Because we don’t have any closets in our house – we are always trying to come up with clever (and somewhat attractive) ways to store our everyday things.  We don’t have a mudroom OR a coat closet.  A few years ago, Mr. Social Media built a couple little shelves and hung some rows of hooks inside the front door.  This section of the house was included in the recent facelift and so all of the old hooks (which I never really liked anyway) were removed.

Last night I began putting up the new hooks (which are actually old).  I couldn’t find my own cordless drill and I had to use one of Mr. Social Media’s (he has two).  I wanted to take some pictures as I went along.  Did you know that I am often discouraged from working on projects during the evening hours because I can’t take pretty pictures without sunlight?  Here is how the new (old) hooks look as I photographed  them at night.


Pretty bleak, right?  Not at all beautiful.  The night time can be like that sometimes.  If you’re lucky, you’ve got friends around you to help you through a tough night – (or at least to tell you NEVER to use a flash).   But even if you’re having one of those “it’s always darkest before the dawn” kind of nights – the sun will come out. . .

painting supplies, a pile of things to go to the car, a basket of dog toys, and the broken part of my vacuum. . .

And, you know, everything looks better in the light of day.   Really.  Everything.  I got all 12 hooks screwed in and then I reclaimed  one more little section of the house.


yep. that's my doorbell . . .

The hooks are vintage schoolhouse – I think we got them on eBay.  I had a huge bag full of them.  I used a few in my son’s room so that he’d have a place to hang his shirts.  What 11 year old doesn’t want to hang his shirts from vintage schoolhouse hooks?  Oh, I guess that would be my 11 year old.  The shirts are always on the floor. . . with a wet towel.

I used one dozen for today’s project.

And I still have another dozen left over.   

Someday maybe I’ll show you a picture of what this looks like with the winter coats and scarves and hats and purses and backpacks and flashlights and umbrellas of four people.   Don’t forget – ZERO closets in this house.  But for now – I’m just going to keep this picture in my mind (and on the blog).

Things look so wonderful (to me) – in the light of day.

What would you suggest I do with the rest of them?  What would you do with them if they were yours?  How long do you think I can keep the front hall looking like this?  Do you think the kids will laugh if I tell them they can’t hang their coats and backpacks up there?  I guess I’ll have to be all practical about it and hang real stuff on them. . . but it looks so nice with nothing on  the hooks at all. . .don’t you think?

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