It’s 88 Degrees Today. {don’t hate me because i’m warm}{18}

So, yes.  I’m on vacation.  And I’m feeling a little weird about telling you about my vacation.  I know that a lot of you are hip deep in ice and snow right now.

I got this text from my mother this morning:


Here is a screen shot of the weather where I am.

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Social Media is able to work from just about anywhere – and this is where he’s working from.
For a month.

So my choices are as follows:
I could just vanish for a month. . .
I can bring you some of the sunshine and sand that I’m living with for the time being.

I’d really like to keep our lines of communication open, so. . .  on with the show!

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen me mention that I recently read another blogger’s post about taking better iPhone pictures.   If you follow that link, you can read her post.  It’s pretty eye opening.  Actually, much of what she says is common sense but seeing the photos that she’s taking with her iPhone really inspired me to step it up and see what I could do with the camera that I seem to have velcro’d to the palm of my left hand these days.  I did bring my DSLR on this trip.  Lugged it – by hand – onto the plane and everything.  But. . . I haven’t taken it out of the bag yet.  I’ve been here for a week and so far, every photo has come from my iPhone.

taking better iPhone photos

if you should come upon this "Valentine" in person - do not touch!

Valentine’s Day was a little busy for us this year – that’s  the day we flew out.  We actually pretty much totally skipped the Valentine part of it.  I thought this seed pod was a lovely substitute.  I found it on the patio on our first morning in our rental.  Soon after I took the photo I realized that not all Valentines are as nice as they seem.  This one is full of millions of tiny prickly hairs that got stuck in my fingers and took hours of hand washing to get rid of. . .  All is fair in love?

To say that I was a little stressed out about leaving home for a month is a bit of an understatement.  Add to that the usual stress I experience when coming within a mile of an airport – and then actually f l y i n g . . . gah!  I know some people just love to fly, but I am not one of them.  I wish I could change my mind about that – and I have tried – but it actually just seems to get worse.  Anyway, it took a couple of days to start feeling like myself again and I happily went for a long walk on the beach.

I must admit to feeling foolish walking along in tropical paradise with nothing but my bathing suit – and my cell phone.  Like I just can’t miss a single call.  Thank God it didn’t ring.

Here are some of the views from our stretch of beach.  This house is right on the water.  There is just a little staircase down to the beach.

taking better iPhone photos

standing on the bottom step

taking better iPhone photos

a long buried log. . . partially exposed

taking better iPhone photos

it's called Crash Boat - just up the beach from our rental - there must be a story. . .

So, not only am I taking the photos with my phone – I’m also editing them with the phone.  All of these pics were taken with the Camera + app and edited there, too.  I did run them through Picmonkey when I put them on the computer – but only to resize them and watermark them.  Up until this point it hadn’t really occurred to me that I could take “pretty” pictures with  the phone.  Hmmm… maybe I was wrong?

taking better iPhone photos taking better iPhone photos

If you go on over and read the post at Grumbles & Grunts you’ll see that she rightly points out that taking good pics with your phone is all about the light (mostly).  There was beautiful, strong light on the day I was taking these shots.  Unfortunately that also causes a problem.  The light was so bright that I couldn’t see the screen on my phone at all.  For example – that photo above is kinda pretty – but it’s really not the angle I was going for.

I’m going to be here for a while.  I’m hoping that you might like to see a bit of this amazing place.  I’m not doing any crafting while I’m on vacation. So I can’t tell you about things I’m making. . .

taking better iPhone photos

OH! i did make this! I used a Sharpie to put my name on my cup! #Sharpie #SoloCup 🙂

 OH!  I did make this!  I used  a Sharpie to put my name on my cup! #SharpieMarker #SoloCup  🙂

I’ll leave you with a couple of views of the ocean.  Stay warm, my friends.  I’ll be back with more photos.

taking better iPhone photos

and finally. . .

taking better iPhone photos

Not bad for a cell phone.  Right?

Are you dreaming of a warm tropical place?  Did this post make you happy or make you hate me?  Let me hear it!

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