Lucketts Wrap Up (Part One){15}

Have I told you before that I love old stuff?  Yes?       Oh.

Can I tell you about it some more?

I promised that I would show you all of the things that I bought for myself on my trip to the Annual Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Store and I will.  I’m wondering though, once again, if I can ever really get it across.  If I can ever really make anyone understand how I feel about a thing. . .and by that I guess I mean, if I can make you feel the way I feel.  All I have are the words and the pictures. I could never do it with just the words but sometimes when I add in the pictures. . . it seems a bit closer.

So.  Every time I look at something old and chippy with the clear marks of age, time, and hard use, I can’t help but think about what it looked like when it was brand new.  What did it look like when it was brought home from, where? the dry goods store?  the feed-n-seed?  What did it look like when it had pride of place on the mantel or the table.  And what did it feel like to be that person who owned that thing?

i love enamelware because it is incredibly functional as well as beautiful

Did a woman buy this for her daughter for setting up house?  Did a thoughtful husband bring it home for his wife because he knew it was just the thing she needed to make some chore just a little easier?  In most cases there is no way for us to know the stories behind these objects that we buy and sell.  And there were so many of them at the Lucketts Market.  I’ve never been to an event that had so many high quality vendors.  I feel the stories behind all of these things even if I can’t quite hear each and every one of them.

i actually haven't decided whether to use this as a toolbox or for the other (more creative) purpose for which i bought it

Maybe you look at this and you just see a junky old tool box.  That’s not what I see, though.  First of all, its solid as a rock.  Heavy, sturdy, totally functional.  Second, like I said, I have to wonder what it’s story is.  Did a man buy this for his son as his first “real” tool box?  Did he fill it with tools before he handed it over?  Was the tool box a graduation present for a young man just starting out in the trade?  You see where my mind goes with these things?  I’ll let you know what I decide to do with it.  Once I decide.

i seem to have a red and white thing going on - it's a constant theme for me...

There's Rex!

I bought a few things that I’ll probably use just for decoration.  That’s not really like me, though.  I have a hard time with decorative objects that don’t really serve a purpose. . . but i couldn’t resist these spools of thread. . .  can someone tell me what mercerized means?  Maybe I can do embroidery with them. . . or are they meant for the sewing machine?  And why would you want to boil the thread?  I know one of you can answer these questions for me.  But just check out the labels.

I also got these great corbels from one of the vendors.  There were a lot of corbels around at the Market but these were much less expensive than any of the others I saw.  The reason?  One, they are much more plain.  Two, the woman who sold them to me had great deals in her booth.  And there is an important point in that.  There were definitely deals to be had at Lucketts.  There were some vendors who (I think) got a little carried away with their pricing as the Market has a good deal of publicity and draws a big crowd.  However, if you keep looking, you may find what you are hunting at a great price.  I was interested in a galvanized double washstand with buckets on it.  One vendor had one for almost $200. . .another, smaller vendor offered me hers for $75.oo – and the less expensive washtub was much nicer than the expensive one.  I decided not to get it in the end. . .but I did get four of the corbels.

what will i make these into??

 Here are a couple of shots of the whole she-bang. . .

See anything you like?

Walking around The Lucketts Spring Market for two whole days was like some kind of geeky, antique-y, fantasy dream, come true.  I had wondered if I might get a little lonely (i didn’t think i would) but the thought did cross my mind.  That thought settled in right after the “I know I’ve forgotten something really important” panic started to wear off. That was about 2 hours into my drive.  Seriously.  I am very accomplished in the technical difficulty department.  Usually, I have the luxury of just throwing up my hands and calling in Mr. Social Media.  Not this time.  I had to do it on my own.  And I had told people that I would be doing it.  Good grief, Miss Mustard Seed told people I would be doing it!  Alas, I did not forget anything and I was not lonely.  What a treat to just wander around in my own personal, vintage fog for an entire weekend.  I’m so glad I went.  And I’m already thinking about plans for next year. . .

Part Two of this “wrapping it up” post will be just the rest of the pictures – lots of them – that I took.  I have shots from all around the grounds and inside The Old Lucketts Store as well.  I’ll put them up tomorrow and you can just look through them whenever you like.  Friday we will get back to Pinspired and Produced!! – only missed ONE but it seems like a YEAR ago!!  Don’t miss the giveaway!  I’ll do that on Friday as well.   Thanks for coming on my trip with me – Your response over the last few days has been extremely gratifying – and I am so appreciative.  Thank you.

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