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In case you were wondering. . .
I am feeling better.
On one of the final days that I was sick (when I was the sickest), I woke up at around 5:30am, kind of whining and moaning and Mr. Social Media stirred and said to me, “Do you need anything?” And I whined louder, “I just want to go HOME!”
We were, of course, already home and he sweetly pointed that out to me.
As I said, I’m, feeling much better now.
Now, even though (or perhaps because) I didn’t leave the house for five days, I did manage to get some decorating done for this big Holiday we have coming up.  Did you know there is a big Holiday coming up?  I’m in love with the way my house looks right now.  I wish we could have Christmas lights up all year long.  And yes, I know I could if I really wanted to, but then it wouldn’t seem as special. . . I think.

The star of this Christmas mantel is the little red vintage toolbox I bought in May at The Lucketts Spring Market.  It turned out to be just the right size and shape to fit on the living room mantel piece.  I had it planned in my head but wasn’t sure the scale would be right until I went and fetched it from the barn.  While I was out there, I grabbed the little red and white stool – also from the Market.  I can’t resist that kind of rusty, chippy, red and whitey, goodness.

Christmas Mantel

see any other projects or items you recognize from previous posts?

Maybe you can tell, and maybe you can’t, but this mantel came together in just a few minutes.  I set the tool box in the center and tucked 3 different kinds of pine boughs around it.  I picked up the pine scraps at the same farm stand where I got my tree.  I used the clippers to cut the branches to the right size, and then I just tucked them into the tool box.  Totally intentional. . .

Christmas Mantel

Actually, the tool box sat up there empty for a few days because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to fill it with.  My first thought was to fill it with vintage (looking) tree ornaments, but I don’t have any of those.  And then, also, I thought they might be a bit flashy for my old tool box.  I wanted the tool box stand out.  Since I was stuck in the house, I made do with what I already had.  Those are NOT real presents in there – they are actually the empty boxes that this year’s crop of white Christmas lights came in.  I wrapped them in inexpensive red plaid paper from Michael’s.

Christmas Mantel

I decided to add in just a couple of silver and white tree ornaments (I stole them from the actual Christmas tree) because The Beekman Boys said I should have something that sparkles on my mantel.

Christmas Mantel

this silver ball ornament sparkles. trust me when i tell you that i was NOT sparkling when i took this photo. . .

This cute little “HOME” decoration is from the dollar section at Michael’s.  I bought it way back before Halloween.  It’s just light wood with a fabric cover.  I just glued a couple of magnets that I stole off the fridge that I got from my craft supplies onto the back with tacky glue and it fits nicely on the front of the tool box.  Let’s see if my Father in Law is reading: What is the tool box made of if the magnets stick to it?  Comment below!

Christmas Mantel

Okay – so what do you think of the tool box as part of my decoration?  You like?  You don’t like?  You think it looks perfect?  You think it looks like I forgot to clean up after myself while I was working on a project?

Leave me a comment and let me know.  I’ll bring you more Christmas decor soon!


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