No Idle Hands Over Here. . .{6}

I picked up a knitting project this week.  I knew I would have some free time on Friday while the rest of my family was hitting the slopes at Catamount.  I do not ski.  I spend the day in the lodge.  When I say “spend the day in the lodge” do you get a mental picture in your head?  Does it look like me sitting in a cozy arm chair by the fire?  Does it look like I have a warm cup of tea (or even a cocktail!) by my side and my feet propped on a low foot stool.  Am I knitting?  When I say, “spend the day in the lodge” that is what I picture.  In reality it looks a lot more like a cross between a locker room and an elementary school cafeteria.  

Likewise, when I tell you that I’m knitting something, that I’ve got something on the needles, you might picture something, filmy and gossamer.  I’m actually a very creative person, and we will get to that eventually, but my knitting is. . . well it’s a lot more like the actual ski lodge as opposed to the picture in my head.  

Knitting is what I do when I need my hands to be very busy but my body and my mind are not necessarily up to the task.  Does that make sense?  I learned to knit two years ago when my son was going through a health crisis.  I was almost completely exhausted, and my brain was totally fried by countless hours spent hunched over my computer researching Lyme Disease, epilepsy, and anti-convulsant medications.  And yet I needed to be busy.  I couldn’t sit still and do nothing even though I could barely move.  I got a knitting lesson (or two) from my mother.  My hands were moving and once I learned to knit and purl (I still haven’t gone any further) my tired little brain could just follow along.

I don’t knit complicated things.  My pieces are mostly simple and straight forward – baby blankets and scarves.  Flat and square.  I can usually make up the pattern as I go along and there is minimal counting of rows or stitches involved.  You will not be wowed by my knitting.  But look at this face.  And this cowl I made to go along with it.

Her new cowl. . .

Like I said though, I’m making some changes.  Who knows what will happen?  This weekend I’m taking a class to learn how to make a hat. . .  and a hat?  There’s nothing flat – about that.


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