Once More to the Studs {Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation} DURING{11}

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

{before  –  DURING  –  after}

I ended the first post in this mini series, the BEFORE section of the Farmhouse Bathroom renovation, by saying that everything in that bathroom had to go.  In truth, we did decide to keep one of the main features.  The shower stall in the corner is in perfectly good working order.  I don’t have any pictures of it here in this post but I’ve written about it before.  You can see exactly what we’re doing with that shower in this post about living in a house without closets.  Also, it seemed a little foolish to take out a perfectly good shower that happens to be the only way to bathe on the first floor of the house.  I mean. . . what if someone breaks a leg or something and can’t get up the stairs?  Am I the only one who thinks like that?

So.  Everything except the shower – went.

farmhouse bathroom renovation

the toilet did eventually go as well. . . we just waited till the last minute. . . trying to be practical. . .

Although I maintain the assertion that a wood floor in the bathroom is very much less than ideal, we decided that the one in this bathroom would stay. Our plans for this redo did not include any changes to the plumbing (moving any pipes) so we could get away with not changing the floor.  Ripping that out and replacing it would have brought the project to a whole new level of time and money.  The walls were in bad shape from previous (shoddy) repairs and so they were all removed.

farmhouse bathroom renovation

farmhouse bathroom renovation

believe it or not - this is exactly what the inside of your plaster wall should look like

farmhouse bathroom renovation

There were a number of issues in this bathroom that needed to be fixed.  There beside the toilet you can see the inside of the clapboards that are the exterior siding of the house.  When our house was built (around 1850) they weren’t really too big on insulation.  Behind the plaster and lath there was just . . .air.  And then the clapboards.  That’s it.

It was sometimes pretty chilly in there. . .

farmhouse bathroom renovation

frankly, i think even the demolition made a big improvement!

Other issues that needed to be fixed in this bathroom included (as I mentioned) the walls.  We always knew there was something strange about the way the window trim butted right up against the wall on one side and the ceiling on the top.  If you look at the very first “before” picture in this post – you can see a little bit of how that looked. At some point sheet rock was applied directly over the old plaster walls (and ceiling).  It made the window very awkward. . .  In the picture below – you can see how the wall has been moved back and the window has a little elbow (and head) room.

Obviously? we replaced the toilet and sink.  The old pair were not even the same color.  The sink was a little, tiny thing – the type that you can buy for about $149.00 at the home improvement store.  Function? Yes.  Beauty?  No.

The floor.  Ah, yes.  The floor.  Everyone who saw the old pictures said how much they loved the wide pine floors.  I know.  I love them, too.  In other parts of the house.  Since we were not ripping this floor up we decided to paint it.  I showed pictures in the last post of the damage that had been done to the floors over the years – and I decided that paint would cure it.  I LOVE the way they came out.

Okay.  Are you getting sick of seeing before pictures and during pictures?  I have the after shots all lined up for you and I’ll trot them all out in the big reveal.  Would you like a little peek?

left: the custom trim wraps around a ready made medicine cabinet right: beadboard - about 48" high


farmhouse bathroom renovation

that's our friend/contractor/best man at our wedding. . .


Can you taste a little of the flavor?  See the bead board?  See the lovely sea blue paint?  How about the custom 12 inch baseboards and the, uh. . . little shelfy bit at the top of the bead board?  And of course, you can’t miss the big gaping hole in the wall, right?  Yep, we replaced the window, too!  That was a pretty big deal for us.  163 year old windows are long on character but pretty short on R value.  So, one down, and only 24 more to go!  Someday.  Maybe.  If we can bear to part with all of the. . . character.

Have you ever done a major bathroom renovation?  Were you happy with the result?


My first “full room reveal”.  I’m SO excited!

I’ll share all of the pretty pictures of the bathroom as it looks today.  If I’m being honest, it’s the most “decorated” room in the house.

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