One Patina, Two Patina. . .{6}

The other day SOMEone made a comment about my  old lady hands.  It’s not generally true.  I don’t have old lady hands.  Having said that, recent over zealous application of hand sanitizer had indeed rendered les mains less than their usual youthful selves.  I’m mostly a soap-and-water girl but there are situations that call for bigger guns – and the big guns take a serious toll.  I might actually be a little vain about my hands – but aside from their relative beauty or decrepitude, I like to keep my hands clean and well groomed.

I’m trying to set an example for the children.

If you have thought of an effective way to encourage people under the age of twelve to willingly remove the quarter inch of black gunk from under their nails before they put them in their mouths, please do let me know.  What is the black gunk?  It’s NOT dirt – like dirt from the ground.  If it were dirt I really wouldn’t care so much.  I think it’s actually bits of food and sweat with maple syrup and pocket lint stuck to it.

So even though my hands are spotless much of the time – or maybe because of it, they can get a bit dry.  A bit papery.  A bit. . .old.

If I were an antique instead of a woman – you’d call it patina – and you’d pay extra.

I went looking for patina on Sunday afternoon.  Here’s what I found.  Have a look.

I’ll be the one over there applying moisturizer.

ground staples

These were actually IN the ground for a year or so. How will YOU look at that point??



I have a pretty big collection of old scales. Believe it or not, I actually use some of them.


This cast iron Dutch Oven lives out in the vegetable garden. Last year I turned it over and used it for a toad house!


gate knot

A piece of the original gate to my first vegetable garden - almost 10 years ago. I keep it because I love. . . the patina.



Vintage farm machinery. . .



Can you imagine if you had to till your garden with this thing? Think about how your HANDS would look!


Can you tell from these pictures how much I love old things?  I don’t want my hands to look old and clearly I am still feeling the sting of the old lady comment but I love surrounding myself with these pieces of history.  With out getting too, uh, spiritual about the whole thing, I can feel the lives of all those folks who’ve used them before me.  If they’re folks that I know, folks from my own family, it’s just that much better.  I think it would be terribly lonely if everything in my life were shiny and new.

Is that nuts?

What do you think?  When it comes to your home and furnishings, do you like the patina that comes with advanced age or do you prefer the soulless clean lines and freshness of shiny newness?

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