Pinspired and Produced #4

Pinspired and Produced #4 {12}

This “pinspired” project is only indirectly inspired from Pinterest.  The actual object that I wanted to make is not one I found on the boards but rather it was one that I’ve owned for a long time.  I feel like I can still credit Pinterest though, as there are so many sewing projects there that(…)

These Chicks Have Been Around . . .

These Chicks Have Been Around . . . {7}

You know you’ve seen them.  They’re everywhere. If you spend any amount of time on crafty-mommy-fun-with-food-and-or-kids blogs you know you’ve seen these little chickadees.  Easter is just days away and those bloggers that are really prepared had their Easter themed pictures up on the Boards (the Pinterest Boards) weeks ago. I live in the moment.  It’s.(…)

Pinspired and Produced #3

Pinspired and Produced #3 {20}

A few weeks ago I saw a pin over at Pinterest that really caught my eye.  The knitted garment in the picture looked fairly simple and so instead of trying to buy it. . . I decided to try and reproduce it.  Besides, the price was almost 300 Euros – that’s a lot of dollars.(…)

Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See? {7}

On Sunday, I got this present from my dog.  He delivered it directly to my lap (top).  If you look very carefully you can see that it was exactly noon.  I think he was trying to tell me to get off the computer, get out of the chair, and get out into the yard.  I(…)

Pinspired and Produced

Pinspired and Produced {10}

I’m wondering if it makes me sound like an old person when I say, “Every year the time seems to go by more quickly.”  It sounds, even to me, like something and old(er) person would say.   That doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.  My theory is that as we live through more and(…)

One Patina, Two Patina. . .

One Patina, Two Patina. . . {6}

The other day SOMEone made a comment about my  old lady hands.  It’s not generally true.  I don’t have old lady hands.  Having said that, recent over zealous application of hand sanitizer had indeed rendered les mains less than their usual youthful selves.  I’m mostly a soap-and-water girl but there are situations that call for(…)

Fruitful Friday

Fruitful Friday {14}

I’m introducing a new feature here on the blog.  Fruitful Friday?  Yes.  I know that’s a terrible name.  However, I decided not to get all hung up on what to call the feature and just make it happen anyway.  Feel free to suggest a different name.  I like the Friday part but I’m not married(…)

No Idle Hands Over Here. . .

No Idle Hands Over Here. . . {6}

I picked up a knitting project this week.  I knew I would have some free time on Friday while the rest of my family was hitting the slopes at Catamount.  I do not ski.  I spend the day in the lodge.  When I say “spend the day in the lodge” do you get a mental(…)

My Apologies

My Apologies {12}

I need to apologize for a couple of different things here. First, if you are one of the people whom I have emailed, Facebook messaged, written or called with some kind of question -and you got back to me with some kind of follow up question or even a brilliant answer and I never got(…)

Getting Our Feet Wet

Getting Our Feet Wet {16}

The truth is that our feet stayed dry. By the end of the evening our hands, arms, and sleeves were dampened but the feet were fine. After much prodding from my in-laws (i think the first time they mentioned the aquarium-as-Christmas-gift was probably two years ago) I gave in and my kids are now the(…)

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