Picking My Own House{23}

As you know from my last post, we are in the midst of some changes around here – changes of the paint color variety.  Remember? I shared a very embarrassing photo of the state of my dining room. . .?  If I showed you another photo of the dining room – so that you could compare it with the one from last week – you might not really be able to see much of a difference.

But I can.

Isn’t this just like one of those side by side drawings where you are supposed to spot a certain number of differences?  I have honestly entertained myself for the last 10 minutes trying to pick out each thing that is present in the photo on the left but is not visible in the photo on the right.

Somebody call Highlights Magazine!

I really have taken lots of stuff out of the dining room.  I’m slowly putting the house back together as I go along.  I’m trying to be really selective about what goes back.  You can see that the dining room became the storage place for all of the stuff that had to be moved for plaster repair and paint.  I feel like I’m shopping in my own space! I’ve become a picker!

Somebody call Mike Wolfe!

Seriously though, seeing these two photos side by side here makes me want to run into the dining room and see how much more I can sort through.  Now I’m thoroughly motivated to have a third (and way more impressive) photo to put up there for comparison.  My progress is also slowed a little bit because a whole bunch of my surfaces have just been painted – and the paint really hasn’t cured yet.  (I hate that about Latex Paint).  But if I’m being honest – I’m loving all of the empty surfaces!  And having the opportunity to pick through my own belongings like I’m at some kind of miniature flea-market is helping me to remember how much I really love some of the things I’ve collected.

Can you tell?  I have collected a whole bunch of scales.  So many, in fact, that they cannot all be displayed.  Another thing that this process has helped me realize is that I may be ready to let some of these things go.  I want to pare things down and clear things out.

I’m planning to keep only the items (scales and otherwise)  that I really, really, love.  And find the perfect places to display them.

one of these platters was a wedding gift in 2000 --- the rest are from our assorted Grandmothers. all are used for special occasions. . .


When all of the places that have been painted are all redecorated – I’ll probably take you on a tour.  For now, I’m just showing bits and pieces.  I haven’t shown a lot of the inside of the house before.

One part you may have seen before is my desk.  And I’m bringing it up again.

I’ll leave you with what may be my most astonishing Before & After reveal EVER.  Those of you who have followed along from the very beginning – breida with a b. Blog Post #2 – will remember that disaster. . . (click that link to see the desk – and read that very early post)

And here is another picture of my desk in the midst of renovating TWO bathrooms simultaneously last summer.  In my own defense – the desk was almost completely blocked off from use by the construction . . . I know.  It’s kind of indefensible . . .

Okay – Ready?

aaahhhhhhhh. . . .

the lighting is pretty bad here but the wall color is Benjamin Moore - Navajo White

Man!  That is one seriously clean slate right there!  I’ve gotten a surprising number of questions about my desk since the beginning of the blog.  I find them surprising because there were only about 7 people reading breida with a b. back then.  Every once in a while I get an email asking if I ever “tackled that desk issue”. . .

Well, consider it tackled.

Now.  Suggestions?  What do you think I should do with it?  I have a Pinterest Board called Desk Space  that has lots of ideas for this kind of space – but I’d love to hear what you think!  You could even check out that Pin Board and tell me which Pin is your favorite.  What would you do with this clean slate?  Do you want to come over and help me sort through the flea-market dining room?  Did you notice how I slipped that in there?

For size reference – that is an 11″ MacBook Air (with which I write all of my posts and do all of my photo editing) on the desk.  My friend Donna, will say that the very first thing that needs to go on this desk is a bigger computer!  How about you?  Bring on the ideas!!

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