Pinspired and Produced #4{12}

This “pinspired” project is only indirectly inspired from Pinterest.  The actual object that I wanted to make is not one I found on the boards but rather it was one that I’ve owned for a long time.  I feel like I can still credit Pinterest though, as there are so many sewing projects there that I’d like to try.

I don’t sew.  But I know someone who does.

I spent a pretty big chunk of this week visiting my Aunt Kathie.  She sews.  A lot.  I mean, she has her own labels and everything.  I knew that I wouldn’t have time to do this week’s project either before I went to see her or after I got back – so it had to happen while I was there.  PERFECT opportunity for a sewing project.

I pulled out my tatty old head band and showed it to Aunt Kathie.  I said, “Do you think we could figure out how to make another one like this?”  Without moving from where she was standing she reached for a box of freezer paper, set it on the table, and said, “Well, let’s make a pattern!”

And just like that. . . the project begins. . .

Freezer paper seems to be designed for making patterns - not for freezing things. A few quick measurements and we were rolling! My Aunt drew up a quick pattern for me to use.

The original was cut on the bias. Thus, the grain line. . . I'm learning a lot.

Aunt Kathie forces me to iron. . .

Between the ironing and the actual sewing portions of the project we took a break and put the kids to bed.  We had a little help from Gracie.  Thanks, Gracie.  In this photo, Gracie shows why you should give a girl a second chance.  Consider rescuing a pet.

and now i’m sewing!! I’m actually operating the sewing machine! (I’m also operating the camera at the same time).

this is the back of the headband - elastic sewn inside a fabric tube - very high tech

and here is the finished product. . .


I had to round up my model one more time – she loves every minute of it!!  Again, this is designed for an adult, so it’s a tiny bit big on her.  The changes in the pattern for a child’s headband would be very minimal.

This post is clearly not a tutorial.  If anyone would be interested in such a thing – let me know.  At this point tutorials are not really what I’m going for but who knows what the future holds!  Many thanks go out to my Aunt Kathie for her help with this.  She makes this kind of thing seem so simple – and I guess it really was.  The fabric was taken directly from her stash – it’s a vintage piece. . . looked like someone had tried to make a slipcover out of it at some point – or a very big dress. . . hard to tell.

I actually do “own” a sewing machine.  Really it’s on semi permanent loan (from Aunt Kathie).  It’s vintage too!  Singer 1962, I think.  It worked when she gave it to me but sadly it has seized up.  This week it will go off to the shop because these old Singers can always be repaired.  I can’t wait to have it back again and try some sewing all on my own!

Do you sew?  Do you know someone who sews?  I’d love to hear about what you’re planning, making, creating.  Drop me a line and let me know!

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