Sew a Fine Seam Giveaway! {win a custom made camera strap cover}{7}


I have asked you this question several times since I started blogging, and I’m sure I will ask it many more times in the future:

Isn’t the internet a strange and wonderful thing?

Back in May of this year, when I went to The Lucketts Spring Market, a fellow blogger introduced herself to me via the internet.  I was alone on my birthday in my hotel room and I received a comment from Jill at Sew a Fine Seam.  We bloggers, we love our comments.   Some commenters drop in just once, to say “hi” when a particular post or project really strikes them.  Some commenters pop over every once in a while to let us know they are still around and are still enjoying what we do.  And that’s very gratifying.

And then there are a few commenters who actually become friends.  Jill Flory is one of those friends.  I’ve mentioned her a few times here on the blog and now I am pleased to announce that she and I are teaming up to offer you a chance to win a fabulous custom made camera strap crafted by Jill herself!  Jill will work with you to come up with a design that suits you.  My advice?  Just let her have her way with you!!  You won’t be disappointed!!

You’ve seen mine before.

custom camera strap cover - Sew a Fine Seam

Here is a shot of several of Jill’s latest creations.  I really love that one with the red script on it!

breida with a b. giveaway

these are camera straps but Jill can also make a cover for your current strap - that's what i have

sew a fine seam

sew a fine seam

sew a fine seam

sew a fine seam

sew a fine seam

sew a fine seam

sew a fine seam

Now you have a chance to win one for yourself!  Jill has a wide variety of loveliness in her Etsy shop.  She makes everything herself and you might find anything from these adorable little keychains, perfect for stocking stuffers:

to this beautifully finished 20×20 Union Jack Pillow Cover (it should be called a pillow covet. . . I want some of these!)

Would you like to know how to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY??

It’s VERY simple!  Follow the link below to see the contest on my Facebook Page and you will see instructions for multiple chances to WIN!



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