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Haven 2012 Conference Recap {i’m becoming a trip junky}

Haven 2012 Conference Recap {i’m becoming a trip junky} {15}

Well, despite all of my misplaced anxiety about what to wear to a conference, the night before I was set to travel to Atlanta found me not in a salon getting my nails painted, or even up in my room, putting together snazzy outfits, but rather out in the garden, till well after dark.  There(…)

Thank God For Weeds. . .

Thank God For Weeds. . . {13}

Seriously.  I spent a bunch of time out in the garden this week and I was thinking about how tenacious the weeds are.  We work and work and worry and bend ourselves over backwards to keep the flowers and the vegetable plants alive (often with mixed results), all the while we are fighting and toiling(…)

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorial

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorial {0}

I realize that most of my audience here are the moms them selves.  Do the moms really need a simple craft idea for Mother’s Day?  Well, moms have moms, too.  And I have found that sometimes, only sometimes, the dads and the kids?  They could use some. . . guidance.  This simple idea is also very versatile.(…)

Pinspired and Produced #8

Pinspired and Produced #8 {22}

I’ve said before that I’m really loving the symbol for the Red Cross right now.  The other night I did a google image search for Vintage Red Cross and this is one of the things I found.  I even posted about my little vintage First Aid travel kit from Johnson & Johnson – that also has(…)

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