These Chicks Have Been Around . . .{7}

You know you’ve seen them.  They’re everywhere.

If you spend any amount of time on crafty-mommy-fun-with-food-and-or-kids blogs you know you’ve seen these little chickadees.  Easter is just days away and those bloggers that are really prepared had their Easter themed pictures up on the Boards (the Pinterest Boards) weeks ago.

I live in the moment.  It’s. . .ahem. . . intentional.  

You might see some subtle differences in our version though.  These deviled Easter chick eggs are actually made by children.  My 7 and 10 year olds made them pretty much on their own.  They were given peeled, hard boiled eggs and instructions.  This project took place on our trip to my aunt’s house this week.  I knew I would want to photograph the little cuties when they were finished and I consciously resisted the urge to mico manage the kids on this.  So, this is how the eggs come out when you let the kids really enjoy themselves and do it on their own.  Which is to say, totally freakin’ adorable and perfect!

So, if you find yourself in need of a last minute Easter craft that kids (I’d say age 6+) can actually do on their own, give these little chickies a try.  You will need:

Hard boiled eggs

Your favorite deviled egg recipe

(ours was just mayo, mustard, salt and pepper)

a knife

carrot slivers

2 slices of black olive*

* if you’ve uh, misplaced your can opener and it should become necessary to open the can of black olives with, oh, say, a screw driver and a hammer?  That should really be done by an adult.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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