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I always think that the landscape outside at my house is beautiful.  I doesn’t matter what season it is.  Winter can be especially fetching with  the great expanse of brilliant white snow on the hillside behind the house.  Winter can also be a bit grey and plain old cold when all of that snow goes and melts.  It gets pretty. . . monochrome out there.

signs of life are still months away. . .

In an effort to liven up the (sometimes) snowless winter scenery, I’ve taken to feeding the birds for the last few years.  I gave it up for a while when a lunatic squirrel showed up and decided to eat my house… I wish I were kidding about that.  But, I missed the birds and I started up again.  I thought I’d show you my incredibly simple bird feeding set up – to give you an idea of just how simple it can be.  There really is no need to go out and buy fancy bird feeders.  You know what you need?  


simple bird feeder

Up until this year, I simply set my enamelware pie plate on the table out back.  Mr. Social Media moved the table this year (I’m not sure why) and so it’s not outside the window where I can see it.  I grabbed this metal stool and stuck it out there with the plate on it.  The stool isn’t enamelware but it has that same look.  You may remember (because i showed it to you here and here) that I got it last Spring at the Lucketts Spring Market.  I think it makes a perfect feeding station for my feathered friends.  (Remember when they were all making their homes out in the garden last year?)

The birds seem to like it.  How about you?

simple bird feeder

simple bird feeder

simple bird feeder

i am being watched. . .

simple bird feeder

. . .very closely. . .

Now, as I said, feeding the birds doesn’t require any special stuff besides birdseed.  However, I thought you might like to see my creative seed storage solution.  This solution is practical on a couple of different levels.  First, I get to use a vintage piece that I love.  That always gets me fired up.  You know I love something that I find to be both useful and beautiful.  Add in old and rusty and, well, I’m sold.  Second, the can has a very tight fitting lid and thus it is NOT a giant pile of mouse bait.  

simple bird feeder

another enamelware piece - this one not vintage at all - used as a scoop...

I got this old peanut butter can in a junk shop near where I live.  It really fits into the whole useful/beautiful paradigm.  Don’t you think?  

simple bird feeder
one of my favorite vintage finds. . .
simple bird feeder

a little bit rusty on the label - but the inside is totally clean and shiny. . .

And so – with just a chair and a plate and a bucket of birdseed, we are able to attract a TON of birds.  My daughter has been known to eat her breakfast sitting on a kitchen stool with her feet propped on the windowsill.  She spoons in the cereal and watches the show. . .  And we do get a squirrel here and there – but we like to look at them, too.  

simple bird feeder

she eats her breakfast while they eat theirs. . .

simple bird feeder

gorgeous, no?

I almost forgot.  The title of this post implies that it has something to do with the weather.  Well, I am sure the birds do appreciate what I’m putting out for them.  When it’s this cold – they need the extra energy for keeping warm.  But you should also know that I went out this morning and took these shots when it was just SEVEN DEGREES OUT!  I was dressed for the cold except for my hands (which were working the camera).  I was only out there for about 20 minutes but, YIKES!  I suddenly realized that I couldn’t feel my fingers – and I could barely even move them.  It hurt like crazy as they warmed up and my knuckles have been sore all day! 

Stay warm, folks.  And if you’ve never fed the birds before – grab a bag of seed next time you see one! That’s all you need!


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