My Weekend at Lucketts and the NEXT Big Thing{33}

Hello again!
If you were following along with me over the weekend on Instagram and Facebook you’ll already know that I drove down to Leesburg, Virginia for the annual Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Store.  2014 marks my third annual road trip to see all of the vintage goodness and I’ve got lots of pictures to share with you. For the moment I’ll share just a few – I saw that Marian, over at Miss Mustard Seed mentioned a story that I told her about a frenzy for ironstone butter pats in her booth at Lucketts – so I’ll share the pictures that I took there (including the butter pats) as well as more pics I took of her booth.

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Now – back to my weekend at the Lucketts Spring Market.  I had a great time and saw LOTS of fantastic vintage goodness.  I’ve got lots of things to show you  but for tonight I’ll share my visit to Miss Mustard Seed’s Booth.  For the past two years I’ve waited until later in the day to go and see Marian but this year I got there as early as I could.

First of all, Marian’s booth is very distinctive, recognizable, but I nearly walked right past it because it was completely covered up by a crowd of people.

crowd final .jpg

(that’s her booth – the three white tents in a row…)

By the time I got there – (I’d had to wait on a line to get through the gate and I got stuck in the mud while I was trying to park) – it was about 10:00am and the market had been open for about 30 minutes.

This is some of what I saw when I got inside the booth…

hands full ironstone 2 final .jpg

hands full ironstone final .jpg

…and the BUTTER PATS!!  I over heard a husband call to his wife, “Honey!!  Do you want the BUTTER PATS??!!”

she did.

hands full ironstone 3 final

Within minutes, the cupboard was, very literally, BARE.

the cupboard was bare final .jpg

People worked quickly, gathered what they wanted, and got on line to pay…

the line  final .jpg

Even though the customers were in a buying frenzy they remained quite calm.  The atmosphere in in the tents was never tense – and there was always a smiling Marian somewhere in there!

marian final .jpg

I got to take a few more pictures of the booth before I set off to see the rest of the show.

wooden horse final .jpg

wreath tote final .jpg

scale final .jpg

I have this exact same scale right here in my own kitchen!  I think I got it at an auction a few years ago…

crown close up final .jpg

ironstone final .jpg

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the Country Living Fair Tickets!  Good luck, and over the next week I’ll see you back here with more Lucketts pictures and tell you who won the Giveaway!

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