Welcome, Spring! {are you as “ready” as I am?}{50}

Sometimes when I read blogs I get a little over whelmed.  You know, just every once in a while.  I mean, sometimes it seems like everyone else is so much more on top of things than I am.  The picture that most blogs/bloggers present is such a pretty one.  Everything is so organized and ahead of schedule.  I can almost get to feeling a little bad about my self.

Do you ever feel like that?

I’ll bet you never feel like that when you read MY blog.  Maybe that’s what I’m really doing here.  Maybe my whole goal in blogging ought to be to make you feel better about your self by being brutally honest about my own lack of preparedness.

With that goal in mind, here are some photos of my front porch on this, the very first day of SPRING.

even the dog is bored with this look. . .


why, yes. i DID just watermark a picture of my garbage. . .

See?  You feel better about yourself don’t you?

They say to succeed in the blogging world you have to find that THING which makes you unique.  “Find your niche”, is the constant refrain.  Well, I am willing to bet that there aren’t any other bloggers showing off their bedraggled-half-Christmas-decorated-snow shovel-sporting-garbage bag-toting front porches today.

I am so glad I could help.

The porch is just one of several things that I didn’t quite manage to deal with before we went away for a month.  Now that we are home again, I’m trying to tackle some of those.  Maybe I’ll share.  Right now?  Unpacking suitcases?  Check!  Doing a mountain of laundry?  Check!

As soon as the rest of this snow melts – and it actually stops snowing- I’ll put the shovel away.  I already took the garbage to the can and the rest of the Christmas decorations should be down by tomorrow afternoon.  I think.

Okay – I KNOW that you don’t still have Christmas decorations on your porch – but just tell me ONE thing that you have let slide a little too long.  One thing that you would be (only slightly) ashamed for everyone to know about.  It’s okay – I won’t tell any one.  It’s just you and me here. . .

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